What are shingles?

Historically, shingles/shakes were one of the original natural roofing materials along with thatched and stone roofs. With shingles/shakes being a natural product they are not only lightweight, but very pleasing to the eye. They are most commonly used on heritage or specialist buildings.

In a similar process to manufacturing slates, shingles/shakes are created when a tree is felled then cut into blocks, which are then split for either shakes or sawn for shingles.

What materials are used for shingles and shakes?

There are many timbers that can be used: Oak, Cedar and Chestnut to name a few. The most popular timber used is Western Red Cedar from Canada or North America the benefits of this can include that they create a demand for forest products and so in turn encourage the planting of trees and the maintenance of woodland, providing habitat for wildlife and can help to improve air quality, they are biodegradable making them environmentally friendly and also keeping traditional crafts alive.

Heritage buildings are a part of our history.

Throughout our history Proctor Roofing have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of heritage and specialist buildings across Norfolk and Suffolk and we are well qualified to be working on what can be a very technically demanding material.

We only use timber from sustainable sources and our roofers have the relevant NVQ qualifications.

Shingle tiles