Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings

At Proctor Roofing our years of experience in the application of liquid coatings and our commitment to continually advance our range of services, products and suppliers has enabled us to deliver a wide array of solutions for structural waterproofing and surface protection.

What is a protective coating?

Protective coatings are just that they provide a barrier between the material and any weathering or man-made damage. There are coatings available for a wide range of applications. These are the most common we are asked for:

Cladding Refurbishment

The plastic coating on metal sheeting including plastisol, PVF2 plastic and polyester powder coated tends to degrade and delaminate over time from the effects of weather leaving the metal substrate without protection from the elements known as cut-end corrosion.

Proctor Roofing can provide a tough, durable, UV stable range of coatings designed to provide protection from erosion, weather and UV light reducing external exposure degradation, chalking or deterioration of adhesion. The coating can also be colour matched to existing cladding systems.

Floor Coatings

We work with many different types of businesses with a wide range of requirements including local authorities, factories and commercial premises, housing and apartment developments.

At Proctor Roofing we will consult with you to establish your individual flooring requirements providing you with a complete floor survey. We have a wide range of solutions and styles from decorative screeds and wet rooms to high impact and slip resistant areas such as ramps, steps, loading bays and carparks.

Bunded Tanks/Areas

Due to the nature of their use, the lining in bunded areas wear heavily over time and the harmful substances of which they surround start to attack the substrate and structure of the bund. Proctor Roofing can carry out all necessary repairs with our concrete repair compounds and then, using a variety of systems designed to have resistance to petrol, diesel or chemical attack, we are able to bund even the most complex areas, giving you environmental and financial piece of mind.

Masonry waterproofing

Using a non-silicone, transparent, high performance water repellent system we can provide up to 10 years protection on a wide range of masonry surfaces such as concrete, brickwork, natural stone and asbestos.

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With over 10 years experience in flat roofing and protective coatings, we are well placed with our suppliers to be able to recommend the best solution and guarantee for your project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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