Liquid Roofing

Liquid Waterproofing

What is liquid waterproofing?

Liquid applied waterproofing or roofing systems are a high performance, cold applied, short and long term versatile solution. These robust systems, once cured, form a seamless membrane allowing for substrate movement and remain flexible and strong throughout their life span.

Liquid waterproofing or roofing systems can be applied to most types of materials including asbestos, felt, asphalt, metal cladding, bitumen and concrete negating the need to strip roofs and therefore reducing internal disturbance, the cost of downtime and waste to land fill. Liquid systems are the obvious choice for both new and refurbishment works with complex roofing designs, difficult access and complex arrangements of plant.

Proctor Roofing…embracing technology

There are various types of liquid waterproofing systems available from manufacturers both in the UK and abroad, creating various systems like Polyurethanes, PMMA, MMA, SEBS, GRP to mention a few. These can be used in various scenarios for both refurbishment and new build BUR projects.

We have successfully completed many liquid waterproofing projects nationwide for various sectors like the NHS, local authorities, schools, Manufacturing and many more. As with all our services, our aim is to deliver the most suitable solution to meet your requirements.

Our operatives carry the required NVQ and major manufacturer qualifications and training in British standards and health and safety to carry out works to the highest standards on any project.

Liquid waterproofing for Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos sheets degrade over time – rather than dispose of asbestos in your building envelope, (which can be highly expensive and sometimes unfeasible) Proctor Roofing can extend the usable life of a building for up to 25 years + by encapsulating the asbestos with a liquid waterproofing system as described above. Working in partnership with our specialist cleaning contractors, Proctor Roofing can provide you with the peace of mind that all works are carried out strictly to HSE standards whilst negating the need to empty your property or create costly downtime for your business.

Liquid roofing systems

Liquid roofing systems

Liquid waterproofing

Proctor Roofing Liquid Roofing Solution