Membrane Roofing

EPDM / Single Ply / Reinforced Bitumen Roofing

EPDM/Membrane roofing (also referred to as Single Ply or Single Layer) is one of the most cost effective roofing solutions that can be installed quickly and efficiently on pitched and flat roofs.

These solutions are plyable with no stress allowing them to easily follow contours of the roof, upstands to walls, check curb edges, skylights, pipes, terminations into gutters and the like. EPDM can also stretch up to 300% elongation, which easily accommodates building movement.

Extremes changes in temperature and age will not affect the performance of the roof. EPDM is manufactured in a wide range of large sheet sizes to suit the roof coverage.

They are most suitable for simple roofing areas such as garages and domestic flat roofs or factories, warehouses, shops and stores where there is minimum plant (such as vents, air conditioning units, fire exits etc.) and foot traffic.

Single Ply systems are aesthetically pleasing due to the smooth surface and colours and versatile as they can be used for flat, pitched and curved roofing styles.

Reinforced Bitumen Roofing (Felt Systems)

Developments in technology, research and materials over the past 20 years have led to built-up bitumen felt roofing systems becoming increasingly flexible, cost effective and longer lasting.

Proctor Roofing work with a wide range of cold applied felts including APP and SBS Torch-on systems, single layer, hybrid and self-adhesive systems for a wide range of applications.

We’ll recommend the most suitable membrane roofing systems

At Proctor Roofing our aim is to waterproof your world and we do this by keeping abreast of quickly developing changes to the products and solutions available and by doing so, recommending the most suitable application for your project and budget.

It’s been over 10 years since our expansion into flat roofing systems and in that time we have worked for a wide range of clients from the NHS, local councils, schools, 3M and the MOD to private clients requiring a new garage roof.

Case Studies

Single Ply Roofing System

EPDM Roofing systems

EPDM Garage Roof

Single Ply Roofing System