Balconies and Walkways

At Proctor Roofing, we also specialise in installing new and refurbishing existing balcony and walkway surfaces using industry leading liquid roofing systems to enhance the aesthetics and legivity of your surface.

The installation and refurbishment of balconies and walkways present unique challenges in both design and technology. Various upstands and different substrate material are usually found within these areas creating extremely confined spaces that each have to be waterproofed. For Proctor Roofing it is important to fulfil the individual requirements, determined by the building-owners, specifically with regards to the colour and shape of the surface. Not only that, it looks great and comes wth a 20 year warranty.

Balconies, terraces, walkways, stairways
Decorative, feature & individual

There are a wide range of colours, toppings and shapes available with our system meaning the design options avaible using our liquid systems are as varied as our clients individual taste and, therefore, we make it possible to achieve the desired finish.  Even unusual designs, such as a ceramic-tile look or logos, can be implemented. In addition to their visual effects, toppings also deliver the required non-slip properties.

Low build height

Liquid resins are used primarily for renovations. Thanks to their low build height of approx. 5 mm and their good adhesion to an extensive range of materials, including concrete, mastic asphalt, screed, ceramic tiles, timber, metal and plastics, they are also the ideal systems for subsequent installation.

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