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King Edward VII Academy Flooring – King’s Lynn

The existing flooring had started to split and delaminate, it was also no longer watertight. Raised seams were causing a trip hazard. Proctor Roofing were contracted to complete the work within the Easter holidays.

Westwood Wecryl and Weproof liquid PMMA products were used to form a seamless monolithic membrane whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing finish. With these solutions any awkward detailing can be easily accomplished, whilst the products can be self-terminated where necessary. The Weproof 264 thix + fleece provided an elastomeric waterproof finish to the upstands. The Wecryl 233 wearing layer, Wecryl 288 sealer coat and Deco Chips provides an easy to clean, robust, durable and decorative non-slip finish. Wecryl 288 is available in most RAL colours, so there is plenty of scope for creativity and design.



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