The flat roof

Residential flat roofs - garages

Residential flat roofs – garages

There are a wide variety of flat roof coverings on the market. Traditionally, it was a felt system that was installed for garages. However, there are now much more modern longer lasting solutions available such as single ply membrane roofs. These are also known as EPDM roofs and are suitable for any part of your home that has a flat or slanted roof such as garages, sheds, outbuildings or single storey extensions.

With felt roofs, the felt is a cheaper material, however it is not as durable or as long lasting as the EPDM system. The felt system is often harder to maintain; under sunlight, felt is particularly susceptible to sharp objects. Felt roofs are generally not adhered and open to leaks into the roof boards. We recommend trying to assess your flat roof on an annual basis. However, be careful if you climb on your roof. Use timber planks to walk on so you can spread your load across the roof and to avoid piercing the felt by treading on sharp stones.

Some common issues we’ve come across with felt roofs is some splitting around the edges and corners where the material has been folded. These splits can allow water in causing damp to the roof boards.

Defective or old roofs can be covered or re-coated instead of a complete replacement providing the roof hasn’t deteriorated too much. To prolong the life of your roof, we recommend carrying out annual inspections and completing any repairs if necessary.

If you are concerned about your roof, please contact us or view more information about the different types of flat roofs.


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