Flat roofs with furniture and skylights

Commercial flat roofs, roof furniture and skylights

Commercial flat roofs, roof furniture and skylights

Flat roofs atop factories, warehouses and office blocks are normally vast in space as well as with the roof furniture and roof lights. The roof is the part of your building that is most affected by the elements and many defects of roofs are as a result of the lack of maintenance. On large flat roof areas overtime, roof timbers my bow leading to pooling of water on top of the roof. The bowing will put pressure on the materials and cracks can potentially occur leaving to significant water leakages.

Leaks are particularly prevalent in areas where there joins or edges in the roofing materials. Roof furniture and roof lights are hot spots for such leaks and regular checks should be made throughout the year. Other areas for concern include gutters and walkways.

Liquid roofing solutions are extremely suitable roofing systems for such roofs because they are a fully adhered system forming complete coverage of the roof with minimal or overlapping. They also come with a range of guarantees giving you security and peace of mind.

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