Metal cladded commercial buildings

Metal clad commercial buildings

Metal clad commercial buildings

Water leaks don't just occur through your roof and we have been amazed on a number of occasions to see the amount of water that can infiltrate a building through the tiniest of cracks in a vertical wall. Metal cladded buildings are mainly found on industrial estates and farms. The metal is extremely prone to corrosion from the weather and sun light, and if not protected, this can result in cracks and holes.

We recommend spending at least 3-4 times per year inspecting the outside of your building looking for areas of discolouration and flaking on the service. If you're moving into new commercial premises with metal cladded walls, always ask if and when a protective coating was last applied. If you're unsure when your building last received a protective coating, contact us to arrange a consultation where we can make the best recommendations for your building.

View Proctor Roofing's range of protective coatings for wall, roof and specialist coatings. Contact us if you have an enquiry with regards to your metal cladded commercial building.

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