Know Your Roof

Know your roof

  • Domestic Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings

Domestic buildings

Roof maintenance
Your roof is the only thing that protects you and your home from the elements and by spending a few minutes twice a year inspecting your roof, you can help identify any small defections that could potentially lead to bigger more expensive issues.  We also recommend ensuring that your home insurance policy covers you for damages […]
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Lead flashing and valleys
When correctly installed, lead flashings and valleys should work effectively for many years. Sometimes there can be a natural failure of the lead or splitting can sometimes occur with age. Lead comes in a range of thicknesses and this will also impact on the life of the leadwork. Like any metal when exposed to sunlight, […]
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The flat roof
There are a wide variety of flat roof coverings on the market. Traditionally, it was a felt system that was installed for garages. However, there are now much more modern longer lasting solutions available such as single ply membrane roofs. These are also known as EPDM roofs and are suitable for any part of your […]
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Worn eave felt
Felt is a membrane that is fixed between your roof timbers and the tiling material. Overtime, the felt will wear. Fitted correctly, the felt will be dressed over the fascia into the gutter. Problems occur when the felt dressing into the gutter deteriorates. This can lead to water dripping down the fascia and wall causing […]
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Commercial buildings

Metal cladded commercial buildings
Water leaks don't just occur through your roof and we have been amazed on a number of occasions to see the amount of water that can infiltrate a building through the tiniest of cracks in a vertical wall. Metal cladded buildings are mainly found on industrial estates and farms. The metal is extremely prone to […]
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Flat roofs with furniture and skylights
Flat roofs atop factories, warehouses and office blocks are normally vast in space as well as with the roof furniture and roof lights. The roof is the part of your building that is most affected by the elements and many defects of roofs are as a result of the lack of maintenance. On large flat […]
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